Side Hustle Road to Becoming a Millionaire

If you’ve read my first post which you probably haven’t (it’s okay I wouldn’t either its not very good but it’s here just in case you want to my first post yo! 😉 ) you’d know one of the reasons I’ve started this blog is because I wanted to earn money and after trawling the internet, apparently if you work hard enough and persevere and put your heart and soul and all that other stupid crap into your blog  maybe just maybe you can make a living. Realistically chances of this blog thing taking off is pretty slim and honestly I continue writing on this mostly for fun and for the fact I’m a pretty bored student who likes to procrastinate.

Anyway back to the money. I’m a poor university student trying to set himself up for the future. Not that I needed to tell you I was poor you could’ve probably guessed that by the fact I spend my time googling ‘how to make money’. Now after hours of googling how to make money I’ve stumbled across lists upon lists of how to make money and I thought it’d be a fun experiment to actually try some of the things and document my experiences and how much money I actually earn doing so. I plan to make monthly progress posts on this as well as my monetary status and who knows maybe by post #2234 I’d have made it to my dream of becoming a millionaire. Some of you by now are probably thinking I’m pretty materialistic but hey I like to live and having a lot of money makes living a lot easier. I have a girlfriend I want to move out and buy a house with, I have a future family I’d like to be able to provide for, there are theme parks around the world I still haven’t visited, there’s apparently wine that doesn’t come in a box (I know crazy) that I still haven’t tasted… I could go on but I think you get me by now. Those people who tell you money doesn’t buy happiness probably aren’t buying the right things. But nah in all seriousness I thought this would be a fun little game to see whether a bum 21 year old dude with a below average IQ could actually defy the odds and make some bank. So hopefully some people want to follow me on this journey and who knows maybe you’ll get some good money making tips out of it, I mean not likely but stranger things have happened look at the current President of the United States not gonna lie America you guys really dropped the ball on that one! I’ll be keeping these posts under the Side Hustle category of my blog.

Now let’s move  on to some starting statistics:

I currently earn a shitty income of anywhere between $300$-600 a week depending how much I choose to work.

Current Savings Account Balance: $3099.30  (hehe that’s right ladies form a line just kidding I have a girlfriend who’s slightly crazy lucky she doesn’t read my blog)

Goal: $1,000,000

Remainder until goal reached: $996,900.70

Till next month where I’ll share what money making methods I’ve been trying I’m thinking ebay or uber to start off with so stay tuned for my new savings balance let’s hope it actually goes up not down.

Regards Your Friendly Average Starboy