my first post yo!

Hi i’m bored you proably are too if you’re reading this


So… why was this blog created and what can you expect to find and or gain from reading this blog?

Simply answered this blog was created one night after I was bored out of my brain and googled how to make money… as you do.  After a solid 25 minutes of skimming the generic top 10 lists of how to make money and seeing that surprisingly writing a blog was a common denominator I thought hell yeah I could probably do that. Probably not well enough to make money but as a wise man once said yolo. Which I feel doesn’t make sense as im sitting here at 11.30pm writing a blog that I’ll probably give up on haha!

To answer the second part of my own question, you can expect to find in this blog interesting updates on my interesting life and find out interesting things about me yay!

As for what you can gain probably not much. Honestly this blog’s probably for bored people just like me who are choosing to spend their time in the weird corners of the internet when they should really be doing something productive.

So without further ado sit back, relax and read my shit or don’t and find out about my life!

ps. yes i know my grammar and writing sucks hopefully that improves hey

pps. I had to google further ado. One of those funny things you say but writing it seemed kind of odd lol or was that just me? what even is ado? man I’m stupid goodnight!

Regards Your Friendly Average Starboy

9 thoughts on “my first post yo!”

  1. feels like we are sailing in the same boat except you are in a different part of the world. being a friday and no work, i have been all over the internet till i thought of blogging and i just cant stop writing,,,,,,,so weird!!
    enjoy blogging……

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  2. Saw your post in First Friday! Welcome, and good luck. Don’t get too discouraged if it doesn’t take off right away, it can take a long time to build any kind of following at all. But, it sounds like you’re mostly doing this just for the sake of doing it, which is good. Good luck again, I’ll be sure to check back



    1. thanks! first time ever blogging didnt know what to expect thought thered be a lot more hate and trolls like youtube or facebook. It’s refreshing how supportive and nice the blogging community is definitely feel more motivated to continue!

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  3. You seem like my kind of people! It’s amazing the random things you start because of endless hours on the internet gets you here. That’s why I started. Boredom. Here to us continuing random forms of entertainment and hobbies.


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